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Joyful Nails introduces to you the most beautiful nail designs for summer

Another holiday is coming, if you are a lover of trending nail designs at Joyful Nails, you cannot ignore the beautiful nail designs for summer below. It will help you gain confidence and show off your own personality.

Top beautiful nail designs for summer at Joyful Nails


A simple beautiful nail design will make you look more beautiful and confident to appear anywhere. Join Joyful Nails to take a look at the most beautiful nail designs for summer and lead the current trend.

Nail model with minimalist nude tones

For nail lovers, nude color is always one of the ideal, attractive colors that will never go out of fashion in 2023. Especially for girls, you should remember that the feminine, elegant, gentle beauty is always a beauty that many boys love.

If you are wondering which beautiful nail design to choose for this summer, this is absolutely a reasonable choice.

Pastel nail designs

No need to be too fussy and outstanding, pastel nail designs are always easy to capture the eyes of many people. Sweet pastel colors, luxurious but no less feminine and gentle, this nail model is easy to coordinate with all types of fashion and style.

Beautiful nail designs for summer with dried flowers

Dried flowers are one of the very unique nail accessories, made of artificial materials or from real flowers that have been dried and thinly pressed. The colors, designs, and sizes of these flowers are very diverse for you to freely change your nails.

In recent times, jelly nail art is said to be an emerging trend, containing the softness and sweet charm of youth. 

When using jelly as a base, the textures attached to the nail surface will be more prominent thanks to the 3D effect. This makes the overall nail set extremely vivid and creates an unforgettable impression in front of all eyes.

Beautiful nail designs with rhinestones

Stone details are often used when creating nail designs. Stones of many sizes, shapes and colors have helped create many unique beautiful nail designs. From gentle, simple, and beautiful nail shapes to intricate designs, each stone nail design is a beautiful work of art.

White nail designs

Beautiful white nails are loved by many people because of its elegance and gentleness, but extremely luxurious. This is also an extremely flattering nail color for dark-skinned girls, a special highlight for girls' hands when walking on the street.

Mirror nail designs

Beautiful Korean-style mirrored nails that are both gentle and unique are a new trend that you should try. By using mirror technique, a shiny coating is created on the surface of the nails, this beautiful nail style will give you a fashionable and modern look.

You can use various colors like silver, gold, green, red, purple and pink to create a unique nail design and attract everyone's attention.

Above are some suggestions that Joyful Nails gives you about beautiful nail designs for summer. If you still do not know how to choose, please come to our salon or call immediately for a beauty consultation.

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